Atlanta PaintingThe options are nearly endless nowadays when it comes to interior decorating with paint. The terrific types of materials that are presently available make it possible to produce practically any look you would like to have on the walls inside of your house. For example, if you’re in the mood for a modern appeal with a futuristic feel, one way this can be done, is by the use of metallic paints.

These products are pretty cool, as they allow you to create all kinds of styles, from dramatic to ecstatic, the only real limit is your imagination, and of course you’re skill level! Therefore, the following information should be able to assist in helping you to paint like a pro with metallics.

This stuff is basically an oil-based thin paint that usually contains tiny chips of aluminum or another sort of reflective material, so it’s also known as polychromatic or metal flake. This additive is obviously the key to capturing the unique outcome on every single job that the contemporary interior design colors are used for.

When working with this type of product, you will first be applying a base coat of paint, which is then followed by the decorative metallic coat. This is where you want to be careful, by applying it with a delicate and steady approach while being sure that you’ve achieved your vision before it actually dries.

So, initially you must decide on the device you will be using to put the metallic paint on the wall. Whether you want to use a brush, roller, or a spray gun, either way, applying thisAtlanta Painting faux finish can be fun and effective. Remember, if you do it slowly and smoothly, whichever way you’re comfortable with will work just fine.

Once you’ve got both the paints and the tools, then prep the wall as usual by patching or sanding any imperfections. Then proceed to painting like a pro by taking your time and perfecting your technique as you go. Perhaps test your theory on a small section first.

Maybe you would like to make a metallic statement by remodeling the walls in your home or business? If that’s the case, then you’ll have to decide whether you want to do-it-yourself, or hire a handy, professional interior painter to complete the project instead. Yet, regardless of whatever method you may choose, you will definitely want it to look like a pro did it!

Archie Deese