Atlanta Interior Painting IdeasMany people are looking for some new Atlanta interior painting ideas, and when it comes to interior painting ideas for your Atlanta kitchen, there are wide varieties of possibilities that will help freshen up and liven up your entire kitchen area. While painting the walls are an easy way to change the appearance of your Atlanta kitchen, there are some other more unusual ways to paint your kitchen as well.


Some of the most popular kitchen countertop materials are granite and marble, but if you have a laminated countertop and want to change its appearance, you can save yourself thousands of dollars by simply painting the laminate countertops instead.

People who are making Atlanta interior painting ideas are often fond of the bright and the unusual. However, when you choose your paint color, although some of those bright neon colors available might be tempting, remember that your chosen paint color is going to be a primary part of your kitchen for years. Select a color that works with the walls, the flooring and the appliances. Consider shades of gray, beige or other muted versions of some of your other favorite colors in the kitchen. You will also need to thoroughly clean the countertops and protect other surfaces with drop cloths first.


Just as changing the countertops in your kitchen can change the appearance of your kitchen but can cause some serious damage to your bank account, altering your kitchen cabinets can have the same effect. Instead of completely replacing the cabinets, consider taking the cabinets down and refinishing and repainting them to get a whole new look without the completely new price.

Keep in mind that there will still be costs involved with refinishing and repainting the kitchen cabinets, such as the price of primer, brushes, paint and other materials. There is also a fair amount of work involved when it comes to cleaning, sanding, priming, painting and then repeating. You may wish to contact an Atlanta interior painting ideas firm who offer professional painting services for this task.

However, there are so many different interior design colors available that you can create a custom look for your kitchen cabinets. Remember that you will be looking at these cabinets every day, so don’t select a color that you don’t absolutely love.

WallsAtlanta Painting

Of course, repainting the kitchen walls in your Atlanta home can bring some serious bang for your buck and this is a popular Atlanta interior painting idea. Take a good look at your entire kitchen, from your counters to your cabinets to your appliances and consider the overall look that you want. Think about whether you want to make a bold statement with your wall colors or add a subtle touch of color.

Once you have an idea of what kind of colors you might want, go to the hardware store and get about four or five samples in different colors. Paint a broad stroke of each color on one of the kitchen walls and leave the swatches for a few days. See how each color looks in different lights, at different times of the day, and how it works with the rest of the kitchen.

After you have selected your desired kitchen color, you are ready to go. You might want to hire a professional interior painter to do the job or take the task on for yourself.

There are several ways to add color and paint to your Atlanta kitchen. Remember to stay true to your own personal taste and focus on making choices that make your kitchen feel even more like home.

Archie Deese