Many people believe that anyone with a paint brush can paint. Unfortunately, this is not true; house paintersall house painters are not alike. If you go to the expense to hire a paint contractor to paint your home, you want a professional job, just as you would with any other contractor. You wouldn’t hire an amateur plumber or electrician, would you?

Painting a home isn’t as simple as just dipping a brush and slapping on the paint – there are many things that differentiate a professional house painters from a guy with a paint brush. For one thing, you want someone who will properly prepare the house for paint. Proper prep work for painting can take as long as the painting itself, but will make all the difference in how long your exterior painting investment continues to look good.

First, you want a painter that will protect everything that doesn’t get painted. This will involve removing and masking fixtures and covering furniture inside and shrubbery outside. Next, a good Atlanta house painters will make sure to remove old, loose paint. This will involve sanding, or if an exterior, pressure washing may be required to not only remove loose paint but mold and mildew.

Next, a professional painter will caulk seams, corners, nail holes and anything else that would create a problem in the finished work. A good quality caulk will last at least as long as the paint without cracking or coming loose. Finally, you will want a painter to prep any surfaces required with any primers or sealers necessary. This will properly prepare wood surfaces to receive paint or cover up old water stains to prevent reoatlanta home paintersccurrence.

Only after the home has been completely prepared to receive paint does the quality painter open up a bucket of paint. And then it’s not just any paint. There are many brands and qualities of paint out there. You not only want a painter who will choose a good brand of paint, but the proper type paint for the location and finish. Exterior and interior paints are different. Does the surface require a matte, glossy, or semi-gloss finish. Should it be latex or oil based? Do you need enamel? These are questions a good, professional painter will know the answer to.

Not all house painters are created equal. If you hire the right professional, all you should have to worry about is picking the color.

Archie Deese