pressure washingPressure washing helps to make your flat surfaces last while keeping them attractive and valuable. If you are thinking about having your home, driveway, or outbuildings pressure washed, here are some general average rates to keep in mind.1. Houses and related buildings. The average rate for homes, condos, and apartment buildings is about $100 to $200, though some businesses may charge more, depending on location, scheduling (for example, if you request a rush job), and materials used, such as soap or degreaser. Some companies charge approximately $1 per linear foot or $0.10 per square foot.

2. Mobile homes, trailers, prefab houses. Single wide homes average about $50, while double wide averages about $60. This does not necessarily include slabs or lots on which the trailer sits.
Pressure Cleaning
3. Driveways, sidewalks, pavements, patios, in-ground pool areas. A typical flat fee averages $100. Be sure to specify the precise areas that you want to be pressure washed, especially if you share a paved driveway or patio with neighbors.

It is advisable to get a written estimate for the cost before having the work done, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later. To maximize the pressure washing benefits to your property, clean the designated areas beforehand, if possible, by hosing down flat surfaces and removing debris.

Commercial properties may be charged varying rates, so you will want to compare pricing between two or more pressure cleaning providers in your area. Keep in mind that costs may vary from one neighborhood or region to another. To find a reliable, professional pressure wash service, contact the Better Business Bureau or local chamber of commerce for referrals.

Archie Deese