When cleaning your driveway, the most important concept to grasp is that every driveway is different. Basically, there are a laundry list of variables that can make each individual’sdriveway cleaning circumstance different.This makes it difficult to give general answers.

With this in mind, there are two key factors in successful driveway cleaning; the type of climate you live in and the material your driveway is made out of.

The one thing that stays the same though, is that the driveway is an attachment to your home that is going to be used a lot. Cars, trucks and service vehicles will be coming and going, but their oil stains will remain. Anti-freeze, tire marks, soil, mulch and general wear and tear are just some of the torments that driveways need to put up with.

To put it simply, you need to keep your driveway in good shape.

It’s expensive to have redone, so you are going to want to consistently keep your driveway clean.The best course of action is to seal your driveway every two years. It’s the equivalent of going to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. This process can be expensive though and some professionals say it can be done every 3-10 years making it seem unnecessary considering the price.

While re-sealing is the best option, there are some other economical alternatives.

cleaning drivewaysIf you want to get rid of tire marks, power washing the driveway is an effective solution. If that doesn’t work, you can take some brake cleaner and scrub the marks with a brush.This method also works with dirt, soil, mulch and mildew. Pressure cleaning the affected area will remove new stains quickly.

For older stains, you can put some bleach into a warm bucket and scrub the stain. Be careful though; wear eye protection as well as rubber gloves and don’t allow the run-off to touch grass or plants.When getting rid of grease and oil stains, the most effective course of action is to spread out kitty litter on the effected area. It may sound silly, but the litter draws out the stain and works on fresh marks.For older stains, the best solution is an industrial grade product like Gunk, Swab or Super Clean. Once the stain is removed hose it down to wash away remaining residue.

Driveway cleaning is important. Even those restricted by budget can maintain their driveway with ease.

Archie Deese