interior painting atlanta Choosing a color for your bathroom, when interior painting Atlanta, can be an exciting but often very intimidating process. It can seem like you always have a bewildering litany of choices: “eggshell sandcastle”? “dark periwinkle morning glory”? “french mahogany cream”? Who has time for all of these?

Don’t worry! Painting a bathroom, by itself or as part of a bigger project, can be an exciting home-remodeling project for you or a contractor or both. Choosing a color is an important start to this, but it can be easy and fun. Just keep a few things in mind.

First of all, don’t be afraid of white! It might seem too boring, safe, “normal” — like you’re obligated to use a more creative or unusual color — but white can be a very dependable, respectable, stylish choice in itself for interior painting Atlanta. Don’t discount it as a great bathroom color.

An evaluation of the room’s size is important. If it’s very small, definitely stay away from darker browns and blues; they can make a room feel closed-off and cave-like. Lighter blues and yellows can be better for “opening up” small rooms like this.

painting atlanta Lighting can also impact the color choice. If there’ll be a lot of natural light in the bathroom, you may want to consider yellow for the paint color. Apart from a cheery, energetic feel (especially early in the morning, right when you wake up), yellow works very well at absorbing natural light. Cooler colors, like blue or sage, work much better with artificial light.

Bathrooms are typically very small, so the wall space is not overwhelming. And it’s hard to make a mess in a bathroom, right? Perfect for painting! It’s an ideal room for amateur experimentation or professional commitment alike. Take your time, and your color choice will be worth it.

Archie Deese