House colorsWhile the living room is commonly the center of family entertainment and the kitchen naturally becomes a gathering place during parties, a bedroom should be a person’s private, relaxing resting place. The atmosphere in an ideal bedroom should reflect and instill a feeling of peace and calm. Plenty of decorating options can be considered when styling an idyllic bedroom space and the choice of wall color is one of the most significant factors.

When considering calming bedroom colors, color therapy and Feng Shui can be quite helpful. Color therapy is the idea that color and light can affect a person’s energy balance and, as a result, their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. Feng Shui is an ancient practice in which certain design elements – including color – are used to manipulate and balance the energy of a space. Both color therapy and Feng Shui recommend certain colors for facilitating a relaxing and peaceful space. These colors would be ideal to use when choosing calming bedroom colors.


Purple is associated with meditation and healing. For this reason, it is an often chosen when decorating a spa or retreat. It also makes for an ideal peaceful bedroom paint color. For the most calming and restorative effect, choose a shade of purple that is not overly bright, such as a lavender or plum.

Bedroom colorsPink

House colors like a soft pink, related to the purple family, are very feminine and are associated with nurturing and love. A subtle pink shade will instill a feeling of calm and relaxation. Though a dusty rose or blush shade may be a bit overwhelming if used as anything other than an accent color, powdery and soft pink walls can be incredibly flattering and a lovely alternative to an earth tone or neutral.


Natural greens such as olive, pine, sage or soft mint can create a feeling of peace, calm and safety. Color therapists will often use colors in the green family to ease headaches, ulcers and stress in patients. It can have a similar subtle effect for you in your bedroom as well.


Blue, associated with azure oceans and clear skies, is the ultimate color to instill feelings of tranquility and serenity. Both soft and deep shades of blue may help reduce tension and stress as well as help calm high tempers and negative feelings. Popular calming wall colors are a very soft sky blue or Tiffany blue.

Archie Deese