17th Century doors refinished by The Paint Doctor

Let’s be honest: We all want to pay less for more. That’s why we buy items on sale and shop around. However, when it comes to painting or doing work on your house, you should rethink that attitude. Quite simply, cheaper isn’t always better. Would the least expensive vendor invest in its employees’ ongoing education and training in the latest techniques and science? Would that same vendor insure itself and its employees, thereby protecting the customer from litigation stemming from workplace injuries? Is the least expensive vendor a member of trade associations? Does that vendor provide a warranty? The Paint Doctor would be surprised to hear you answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions. And, that’s what separates The Paint Doctor from your average painter who drives a dilapidated van or station wagon.

We are incorporated, have a business license, and are insured, thereby protecting our customers. We train our workers in the latest products, standards, finishes, and codes. We guarantee that our workers will be in uniform, courteous, clean-up after themselves, and finish their work on-time. We’re thorough. If you have 17th century wooden doors, we’re going to do extensive research to make sure the products we use to refinish those doors protects them and improves their beauty long term. And, we’ll discuss the different product applications with you. Even better, we provide a two-year guarantee on all work that has been completed and for which payment has been received. Adding to our knowledge base and expertise is The Paint Doctor’s membership in the International Furnishings and Design Association, American Society of Interior Designers, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This means The Paint Doctor is up-to-date with the latest industry news and standards. But, most importantly, 100% of our customers are likely to recommend us and or use us again. That’s why you should use a professional, experienced, and licensed painter.

Whatever project you have, read our handy tips for getting excellent workmanship. Check out our 10-step process for interior painting projects.

Archie Deese