Imagine pulling into your garage with a shiny, showroom-quality floor to greet you! Or enjoying a basement floor that is more exciting than “Plain Jane” exposed gray concrete.

We can stain your concrete floor and seal it with epoxy for a brilliant finish.

We can provide a range of high-performance floor coatings in:

  • Concrete Epoxies
  • Concrete Floor Stains

This option might work for you if you have a garage or basement you are looking to renovate and protect.

  • Add a finished look to exposed concrete
  • Give you long-term options for protecting and beautifying your floor

Staining and sealing your concrete floor with epoxy is more durable than painting. And we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

What Others Are Saying

“I was very satisfied with the quality and responsiveness regarding our paint project. I would recommend working Atlanta’s Paint Doctor to a friend or family member.”

Katy L, Atlanta, GA